Flow Meter ALIA Positive Displacement Oval-Gear Type APF850 Series

Type APF850 Series

Size: Flow Range:
15S, 015, 020, 025, 040 mm 15S mm
Flow Range: 5 – 200 L/Hr @ 5CP
5 – 5000 L/Hr 015 mm
Accuracy: 10 – 700 L/Hr @ 5CP
+/- 0.5% of reading (Standard) 020 mm
+/- 0.2% of reading (Option) 20 – 1300 L/Hr @ 5CP
Repeatability: 025 mm
+/-0.1% of reading 50 – 3500 L/Hr @ 5CP
Material: 040 mm
Body, Cover & Flange 100 – 5000 L/Hr @ 5CP
Cast Iron / Stainless Steel 316 Display:
Roots Flow Rate/Totalizer
Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) 5 Digit Flow rate / 8 Digit Totalizer
O-Rings Dual Totalizer
PTFE 5 Digit Totalizer (Resettable, Magnet)
Register Housing 8 Digit Totalizer (Reset from Internal)
Aluminum Alloy Engineer Unit:
Max. Viscosity: M3/Hr, M3/Min, M3/Sec, L/Hr, L/Min , L/Sec
0.3 – 200 CP (Standard) GPH, GPM, FT3/Hr, FT3/Min, FT3/Sec
201 – 50000 CP (Optional) Current output:
Operating Temperature: 4-20 mA (2 wire)
-10 to 120oC (Standard) Load
-10 to 150oC (Optional) Rohm(Vdc-6)*50
Max. Pressure: Pulse Output:
19 Kg/cm2 Without Display
Process Connection: Reed Switch (2 Wire, unscaled pulse)
Thread 2-36 VDC, 500mA Max. 
BSP (Male) With Display
Flange Open Collector (2 Wire, scaled pulse)
JIS 10K#FF / ANSI 150#FF 11 to 26Vdc, 50 mA Max. 
Power Supply: Cable Entry:
3.6V Battery, Size D x 1 ea M20 (Female)
Battery Life: Optional:
3-6 years Heating Jacket (Heat oil or Steam)
Protection Class: Strainers, T-Type or Y-Type
IP65 Air Eliminator
Intrinsically Safe (Unscaled pulse Output) Ambient Temperature:
Explosion Proof, Ex d IIB T6 -25 to +60oC
Dark Grey

ownload Katalog : AVF250.pdf


Jual Flow Meter ALIA Positive Displacement Oval-Gear Type APF850 Series

APF850 Series
APF850 series is designed in Oval Gear technology with digit display for Totalizer & flowrate and providing scale pulse and analog output 4-20mA.
APF850 series Oval Gear flowmeters are both high accuracy and easily adaptable to most industrial applications.



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